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COUNSELING CHILDREN covers the most practical and up-to-date methods for developing effective approaches to counseling children. Donna Henderson and Charles Thompson’s text is unparalleled in its translation of theory into practice. This easy-to-read guide includes useful strategies and case studies to provide students with a realistic look at the counseling field. To further prepare readers for their professional work, the ninth edition includes 2014 ACA ethical standards, best practice guidelines for typical and atypical children’s problems, and fresh ideas that facilitate understanding of the world of the child. Expanded coverage of children who have special concerns and of family interventions provides readers with effective ways to deliver interventions across multiple settings.
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Category: Medical
Title: Counseling Children, 9th Edition
ISBN-13: 9781285464541
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: Donna A. Henderson; Charles L. Thompson
eBook format: PDF
PDF size: 20 Mb

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