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Full title: Metal Toxicology Handbook 1st Edition
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Debasis Bagchi; Manashi Bagchi
ISBN: 9780429438004, 9780429751004
Format: PDF

Description of Metal Toxicology Handbook 1st Edition:
One of the core areas of study in civil engineering concerns water that encompasses fluid mechanics, hydraulics and hydrology. Fluid mechanics provide the mathematical and scientific basis for hydraulics and hydrology that also have added empirical and practical contents. The knowledge contained in these three subjects is necessary for the optimal and equitable management of this precious resource that is not always available when and where it is needed, sometimes with conflicting demands. The objective of Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Hydrology and Water Resources for Civil Engineers is to assimilate these core study areas into a single source of knowledge. The contents highlight the theory and applications supplemented with worked examples and also include comprehensive references for follow-up studies. The primary readership is civil engineering students who would normally go through these core subject areas sequentially spread over the duration of their studies. It is also a reference for practicing civil engineers in the water sector to refresh and update their skills.


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