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Full title: Liver Disease in Children 1st Edition
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Jeremy Aroles; ?FrançoisXavier de Vaujany; ?Karen Dale
ISBN: 9781108843515, 9781108911894
Format: PDF

Description of Liver Disease in Children 1st Edition:
Liver disease in children is increasing in prevalence, placing a huge burden on healthcare systems and often requiring long-term management. Offering an integrative approach to the science and clinical practice of pediatric hepatology, this is the definitive reference text for improved diagnosis and treatment strategies. In the new edition of this authoritative text, chapters have been thoroughly revised in line with major advances in the field, such as recognizing the increased frequency of fatty liver disease, and how genetic testing has the potential to establish earlier diagnoses for a variety of diseases. Disorders covered include cholestasis, metabolic disorders and hepatitis, with their presentation across the spectrum of infancy, childhood and adolescence discussed. The indications and surgical aspects of liver transplant are explained and post-transplant care is described in detail. This is a valuable resource for pediatricians, hepatologists, gastroenterologists and all clinicians involved in the care of children with liver diseases.


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