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Full title: Husband & Reznek’s Imaging in Oncology 4th Edition
Edition: 4th
Copyright year: 2020
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Anju Sahdev; ?Sarah J. Vinnicombe
ISBN: 9781138301238, 9780128132586
Format: PDF

Description of Husband & Reznek’s Imaging in Oncology 4th Edition:
Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology, offers an introduction to molecular genetics and the “molecular” aspects of human disease. The book illustrates how pathologists harness their understanding of these entities to develop new diagnostics and treatments for various human diseases. This new edition offers pathology, genetics residents, and molecular pathology fellows an advanced understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease that goes beyond what they learned in medical and graduate school. By bridging molecular concepts of pathogenesis to the clinical expression of disease in cell, tissue and organ, this fully updated, introductory reference provides the background necessary for an understanding of today’s advances in pathology and medicine.Explains the practice of “molecular medicine” and the translational aspects of molecular pathology, including molecular diagnostics, molecular assessment and personalized medicineOrients non-pathologists on what pathologists look for and how they interpret their observational findings based on histopathologyProvides the reader with what is missing from most targeted introductions to pathology-the cell biology behind pathophysiology


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