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Full title: Holistic Leadership: A New Paradigm for Today’s Leaders
Copyright year: 2017
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Author: Satinder Dhiman
ISBN: 9781137555700, 9789813149786
Format: PDF

Description of Holistic Leadership: A New Paradigm for Today’s Leaders:
This book suggests that the solution to the current leadership crisis lies in leaders’ self-cultivation process, emanating from their deepest values and culminating in their contribution to the common good. Traditional approaches to leadership rarely provide any permeating or systematic framework to garner a sense of higher purpose or nurture deeper moral and spiritual dimensions of leaders. Learning to be an effective leader requires a level of personal transformation on the continuum of self, spirit, and service. Synthesizing the best of contemporary approaches to leadership in a holistic manner, this book presents a unique model of leadership that is built on the sound principles of Self-Motivation, Personal Mastery, Creativity and Flow, Emotional Intelligence, Optimal Performance, Appreciative Inquiry, Authentic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Positive Psychology, Moral Philosophy, and Wisdom Traditions of the world. This broad interdisciplinary approach is well-suited to effectively address the multifaceted issues faced by contemporary organizations and leaders. It will be of great interest to graduate business and organizational leadership students and faculty as well as corporate leaders.


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