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Full title: Evolving Neural Crest Cells 1st Edition
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2020
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Igor Adameyko; Brian Frank Eames; Daniel Meulemans Medeiros
ISBN: 9781138630819, 9781351805919
Format: PDF

Description of Evolving Neural Crest Cells 1st Edition:
Vertebrates possess lineage-specific characteristics. These include paired anterior sense organs and a robust, modular head skeleton built of cellular cartilage and bone. All of these structures are derived, at least partly, from an embryonic tissue unique vertebrates the neural crest. The evolutionary history of the neural crest, and neural crest cells, has been difficult to reconstruct. This volume will use a comparative approach to survey the development of the neural crest in vertebrates, and neural crest-like cells, across the metazoa. This information will be used to reveal neural crest evolution and identify the genomic, genetic, and gene-regulatory changes that drove them.   Key selling features: Summarizes the data regarding neural crest cells and nerural crest derivatives Uses a broad-based comparative approach Suggests hypothesis that the origin of neural crest cells involved the novel co-activation of ancient metazoan gene programs in neural border cells Illustrates how the emergences of neural crest made possible the diversification of vertebrate heads


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