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Full title: Elementary Probability with Applications
2nd Edition
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2016
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Author: Larry Rabinowitz
ISBN: 9781315367149, 9781498771337
Format: PDF

Description of Elementary Probability with Applications
2nd Edition:
Elementary Probability with Applications shows students how probability has practical uses in many different fields, such as business, politics, and sports. In the book, students learn about probability concepts from real-world examples rather than theory. The text explains how probability models with underlying assumptions are used to model actual situations. It contains examples of probability models as they relate to: Bloc voting Population genetics Doubling strategies in casinos Machine reliability Airline management Cryptology Blood testing Dogs resembling owners Drug detection Jury verdicts Coincidences Number of concert hall aisles 2000 U.S. presidential election Points after deuce in tennis Tests regarding intelligent dogs Music composition Based on the author’s course at The College of William and Mary, the text can be used in a one-semester or one-quarter course in discrete probability with a strong emphasis on applications. By studying the book, students will appreciate the subject of probability and its applications and develop their problem-solving and reasoning skills.


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