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Full title: Crisis Communication: A Stakeholder Approach
Copyright year: 2019
Publisher: Palgrave Pivot
Author: Martin N. Ndlela
ISBN: 9783319972565, 9781949991673
Format: PDF

Description of Crisis Communication: A Stakeholder Approach:
This timely book explores crises as an inevitable part of modern society, which causes ramifications not only for organisations, but also for a diverse range of stakeholders. Addressing the need for organisations to be guided by a stakeholder-oriented approach throughout all phases of the crisis communication process, the author draws upon various business disciplines and covers the management of issues, risk, reputation and relationships. Covering all stages of crisis communication, from pre-crisis to post-crisis, stakeholder engagement is analysed through a series of case studies, with a particular focus on the role of social media. Scholars of corporate communications and business strategy will find this new book undoubtedly useful, and it will be of particular interest to those involved in crisis communication and management.


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