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Full title: Core Java Volume IFundamentals, 1, 11th Edition  by Cay S. Horstmann
ISBN-13: 9780135166307
Copyright Year: 2018
Publisher: Pearson PTG
File type: PDF
File Size: 10.7 Mb

Core Java has long been recognised as the leading no-nonsense tutorial and reliable reference. It carefully explains the most important language and library features and shows how to build real-world applications with thoroughly tested examples. The example programs have been carefully crafted to be easy to understand as well as useful in practice, so you can rely on them as the starting point for your own code. All of the code examples have been rewritten to reflect modern Java best practices and code style. The critical new features introduced with Java SE 9 are all thoroughly explored with the depth and completeness that readers expect from this title. Core Java Volume I walks readers through the all details and takes a deep dive into the most critical features of the language and core libraries. This guide will help you Leverage your existing programming knowledge to quickly master core Java syntax Understand how encapsulation, classes, and inheritance work in Java Master interfaces, inner classes, and lambda expressions for functional programming Improve program robustness with exception handling and effective debugging Write safer, more readable programs with generics and strong typing Use pre-built collections to collect multiple objects for later retrieval Master concurrent programming techniques from the ground up Build modern cross-platform GUIs with standard Swing components Deploy configurable applications and applets, and deliver them across the Internet Simplify concurrency and enhance performance with new functional techniques
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