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Full title: Cities and Urban Life , 7th Edition  by John J. Macionis; Vincent N. Parrillo
ISBN-13: 9780133869804
Copyright Year: 2015
Publisher: Pearson
File type: PDF
File Size: 10.7 Mb

Cities and Urban Life provides an introduction to the study of urban environments around the world. Using an approach that is multidisciplinary but fundamentally sociological, authors John Macionis and Vincent Parrillo help readers see how cities have evolved over time, how cities reflect culture, and where the urban story may take us next. The inclusion of the latest data and research references throughout the seventh edition, as well as updated case studies on a variety of cities, ensures that readers come away with an up-to-date understanding of contemporary urban life. Exploring the City; Evolution of the World’s Cities; Development of North American Cities; Today’s Cities and Suburbs; Urban Sociology: Classic and Modern Statements; Perspectives: Making Sense of Space; Urban Sociology: The City and Capitalism; The Context of Cities; Comparative Urbanism: The City and Culture; Stratification and Social Class: Urban and Suburban Lifestyles; Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Urban Diversity; Housing, Education, Crime: Confronting Urban Problems; Global Urbanization; Urban Planning: Past, Present and Future
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