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Full title: Big Data Systems: A 360-degree Approach 1st Edition
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Author: Jawwad Ahmad Shamsi
ISBN: 9780429155444, 9781000335972
Format: PDF

Description of Big Data Systems: A 360-degree Approach 1st Edition:
The history of PR has received limited attention over the years, and especially the role of women in PR has been an ‘untold’ story thus far. This book is the first attempt, following research presented at the International History of Public Relations Conference, to shed light on the significant role that female pioneers have played in the evolution of PR. This book explores the field in a way that will offer insight of the significance that women had in the evolution of PR, with diverse chapters that provide rich perspectives on women’s contributions to PR throughout the years and across the globe. It opens with an overview of women in public relations. Later chapters focus on the case of Turkey, which seems to have a rich history of women in public relations, then on specific cases from Oceania (Australia), Europe (Spain), Asia (Malaysia and Thailand) and America (United States). The final chapter deals with the case of Inez Kaiser, who was the first African- American women to open a US public relations agency. This book will add knowledge and understanding to the fields of PR history and historiography. Academics and researchers will find the volume appropriate for research and teaching. Practitioners will also find the book extremely relevant for training, short courses and professional practice.


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