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2nd Edition PDF ebook by author Sally A. Lesik published by Chapman & Hall in 2019 and save up to 80%  compared to the print version of this textbook. With PDF version of this textbook, not only save you money, you can also highlight, add text, underline add post-it notes, bookmarks to pages, instantly search for the major terms or chapter titles, etc.
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Full title: Applied Statistical Inference with MINITAB
2nd Edition
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2019
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Author: Sally A. Lesik
ISBN: 9780429444951, 9780429816642
Format: PDF

Description of Applied Statistical Inference with MINITAB
2nd Edition:
Praise for the first “One of my biggest complaints when I teach introductory statistics classes is that it takes me most of the semester to get to the good stuff-inferential statistics. The author manages to do this very quickly….if one were looking for a book that efficiently covers basic statistical methodology and also introduces statistical software [this text] fits the bill.” -The American Statistician Applied Statistical Inference with MINITAB distinguishes itself from other introductory statistics textbooks by focusing on the applications of statistics without compromising mathematical rigor. It presents the material in a seamless step-by-step approach so that readers are first introduced to a topic, given the details of the underlying mathematical foundations along with a detailed description of how to interpret the findings, and are shown how to use the statistical software program Minitab to perform the same analysis. Gives readers a solid foundation in how to apply many different statistical methods. MINITAB is fully integrated throughout the text. Includes fully worked out examples so students can easily follow the calculations. Presents many new topics such as one- and two-sample variances, one- and two-sample Poisson rates, and more nonparametric statistics. Features mostly new exercises as well as the addition of Best Practices sections that describe some common pitfalls and provide some practical advice on statistical inference. This book is written to be user-friendly for students and practitioners who are not experts in statistics, but who want to gain a solid understanding of basic statistical inference. This book is oriented towards the practical use of statistics. The examples, discussions, and exercises are based on data and scenarios that are common to students in their everyday lives.


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